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Transport conveyors securely move objects or materials to where they are needed. Depending on the type of product they are moving, conveyors are equipped with continuous flexible bands, stainless steel rollers or plastic wheels.

Conveyors may be motorized, flat or gravity type; and many can be used in straight line or curved.

Gravity Wheel Conveyor

1. Extremely simple to use and set-up

2. Adjustable Height

3. Four Pair of Heavy-Duty Casters with Brakes

4. Easily Twist and Extend

5. Each pair of legs extends to desired height

6. Adjustable Length

7. Nylon Rollers

8. Flexible, Can Rotate 180` Degrees

9. Loading Capacity: 80 Kg Per Section

Gravity Roller Conveyor

1. Easy to move, install, and operate.

2. Includes four height-adjustable arches with brake-equipped casters.

3. Can be connected to other conveyors of the same type to increase overall length.

4. Can be used in a straight line or curved.

5. Curves up to 180 degrees.

6. Stainless Steel Rollers

7. Powder coated metal construction.

8. Loading Capacity: 120 Kg Per Section

Belt Driven Live Roller Conveyor

Heavy duty rubber conveyor. Stainless Steel Construction. Used in accumulation, induction and merge systems. Also used for inkjet coding applications. Variable frequency converter for conveyor speed adjustment. Maximum conveyor speed 100 ft/min. Includes two adjustable position guides for product support. Used to transport a wide variety of containers including bags, bottles, and small boxes. Also it is widely used to support inkjet printing process. Simple to install and use.

1. Extremely simple to use and set-up.

2. Stainless Steel construction./p>

3. Conveyor Belt Length: 82 Inches.

4. Conveyor Belt Width: 7.5 Inches.

5. Maximum conveyor speed: 100 ft/min.

6. Adjustable conveyor height: 44 to 47.5 inches. (Adjustable Feet)

7. Electronic speed regulator