Peace of mind all the way

Once your goods have been packed and are on their way by road, container, rail or sea, there is usually no need to worry. Not if your goods are secured properly, that is, as even minor occurances may release forces which can make even robust products and packaging give way.

When hurricane rages at sea, when a lorry brakes hard or hits a kerb , or when a railway wagon is being shunted very violent forces are unleashed.

Plenty of choice

With our dunnage air bags your goods can be given practically the best protection that is humanly possible. Our dunnage air bags have the unique property of "nestling" around the product and so filling the gaps which can otherwise easily result in transport damage. Gaps which can be narrow or wide, large or small, vertical or horizontal. Angled, round or rectangular perhaps, but rarely in standard sizes.

Our dunnage air bags come in both disposable and reusable versions as well as many different sizes which can withstand great pressure and the majority of stresses and strains. Our dunnage air bags are therefore suitable for protecting any type of goods- virtually regardless of the mode of transport.

Simple, Fast and Reliable

Our dunnage air bags are easy and fast to use. The empty bags are placed in the gaps between the goods and inflated in just a few seconds with compressed air. Their high quality and effective patented valve system ensures that they do not get out of breath-even on long journeys.

Once the goods have reached their destination, the airbags can be deflated in a matter of seconds. No time is wasted during unloading and there are no unnecessary environmental costs. Fast, easy and effective.

Environmentally Friendly

Nothing is more natural and environmentally friendly than inflating with air. Especially when the air is in environmentally friendly bags which can be reused or disposed of without environmental problems.

Focus on Safety

The enormous volumes of products being transported today- from local transport in a particular town to shipment to another continent with several trans shipments along the way-help to bind the world together. If the goods arrived undamaged, that is.

A manufacturer will have increased costs and trouble, and may lose customers, if his packaging or products are damaged in transit. The end user will not receive the desired product on time. Transport damage also causes problems for the driver, warehouse people and others left with the partly or completely ruined goods.

The organisation and implimentation of a shipment are optimum only if protection of the goods is optimum. Co-operation with BatesCargo- Pak is a good place to start!