Cordlash, polyester lashing straps; woven lashings & composite lashings are the safe and cost effective alternative to steel strapping, chains, wire rope and ratchet straps.

Cordlash polyester lashing solutions have many advantages over conventional lashing products. Would you like to eliminate transport damage to your cargo?

Are you looking for a safe and cost effective alternative to steel straps, wire (rope), re-usable ratchets or chains?

Would you like to replace time consuming wood blocking & bracing?

Cordlash polyester lashing is the safe, cost effective & time saving cargo securing product that eliminates cargo damage.

Benefits of VG Lashing Systems

1. Safe for users & receivers

2. Cost effective

3. Fast to apply

4. Does not damage your products

5. Printable with your company name & logo

6. Shock absorbent

7. High retained tension

8. High system strengths

9. Light-weight & portable

10. Will not rust or rot

11. Chemical resistant

12. Weather resistant

13. Re-tensionable

Insufficient or incorrect secured cargo can cause serious incidents sometimes even resulting in the loss of human life. Damage prevention alone is often not enough! Cordlash polyester lashing eliminates incidents and damage to your cargo.

Our polyester lashing range consists of 2 different types

Cordlash (composite)

Cordlash (woven)

Cordlash (composite) Lashing

The latest technology in flexible, non-metallic lashing and perfectly fit for truck, container & railcar applications. Read more about Cordlash composite polyester lashings.

Cordlash (woven) Lashing

Replaces conventional cargo restraint products such as heavy duty steel strapping, wire (rope), chains and ratchet straps. Cordlash woven polyester lashings greatly reduce or even eliminate the need for wood blocking & bracing. Cordlash (woven) lashings are most commonly used for direct securing in/on ships, flatracks and railcars.