VG Pack’s premium stretchwrap. A quality hybrid cast film offering superior elasticity, higher puncture resistance and excellent ‘stretch memory’. These benefits maximize the value per wrap and ensure stable and secure pallets long after wrapping has been completed. This film has ultra high clarity for ease of product identification and barcode scanning and is virtually silent to apply. Enjoy the peace of mind as your goods are transported across the country and around the globe.

CLING Specially formulated one sided cling means Clearwrap clings to itself but not the neighbouring pallets.

MEMORY Excellent ‘stretch memory’ means guaranteed pallet integrity, keeps loads stable and secure during transport and long after film is applied.

MPUNCTURE RESISTANCE Extra tough film with high puncture resistance which practically eliminates tearing on sharp irregular products and pallet corners.

PROTECTION Rolls come packed in durable cardboard cartons or heavy cardboard outer for pallet lots to prevent roll damage and dust build up.

Hand Roll Specifications

Thickness (Microns): 20 to 23

Length (Meters): 400

Widths (mm): 500

Machine Roll Specifications

Thickness (Microns): 23 to 50

Length (Meters): 1200

Widths (mm): 500