Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines

Pallet Stretch wrapping Machine – standard model

On Line Pallet Stretch wrapping machine

Carton Box Stretch wrapping machine with pre stretch system

Box Wrapping Machine with Top Plate – Mechanical Break stretch ECO STRETCH - GL 205


PLC-Controlled with 6 individual programs.

Prestretch: 1-210% with

Bottom/top wraps: 1-3

Wraps irregular shaped loads. Uses forktruck/palletjack to load stretch wrapper. Operator starts wrap cycle at machine. Operator manually cuts/attaches film.

Pallet Goods, max:

Length: 1200 mm.

Width: 1200 mm

Height: 2200 mm.

Technical Specifications

Daily pallet flow:

Up to 30 pallets/day Please note that the daily pallet flows, only indicates to models that might be suitable. Facts like pallet weight, height, configurations, etc. must be considered when choosing the best machine model for your use.

Rotary plate diameter:

Ø1675 mm

Rotary plate speed:

Up to 12 r.p.m (Frequency controlled, soft start/soft rundown)

Wrapping programs:

4 standard programs (incl. rainproof); 2 free programs (optional)

Prestretch ratio on the unit.

1, 25, 45, 65, 90, 135, 170 or 210% adjustable


Siemens PLC

Pallet size (legth x width):

1200 x 1200 mm (max. diagonal of 1675 mm)

Permitted load weight:

Up to 1500 kg

Maximum goods height incl. pallet:

Up to 2200 mm

Minimum goods height incl. pallet:

500 mm; Minimum: 750 mm when using the option holding-down device

Machine weight:

Approx. 510 kg

Noise level:

70 dB(A) to DIN 45635 Part 27 (Cast film, 9 rpm)

Operating temperature:

5°C (40°F) to 35°C (95°F) for use in a dry, tempered area.

Stretch film:

All Cyklop machines can handle film thicknesses 9-35 microns in both blown and cast qualities, pre-stretched or regular.

Film width: 500 mm

Diameter: max. 250 mm

Core diameter: 76 mm

Power Supply

  1. Operating voltage: 3-phase 400 V+N+PE, 50 Hz

  2. Control voltage: 24 V

  3. Degree of protection: IP 54

  4. Loading: 16 A